Sponsors and Exhibitors

The World of Wine Festival exists because a few like-minded wine lovers have come together in order to ensure that others could have a chance to truly delve into the world of wine, glass first. Our staff and volunteers are all amazing people, all of whom you'll meet at the festival, but there are a few more people behind the scenes we wanted to bring to your attention.

Organiser and Leading Partner:

The Cellar Store NZ


The World of Wine Festival just wouldn't have come together without the wonderful folk at The Cellar Store NZ. We want to pull focus to Connal Finlay - he is the utterly passionate man and instigator behind both The Cellar and The World of Wine Festival.
The Cellar Store NZ will also be there on the day with a pop-up store so that you can buy any and all of the wines that you've tried on the day. Check out their website here.

Glassware Sponsor: Riedel Glassware

The best way to show off the best wines in the world is through the best glassware. There was no one else on our list when it came to glassware. It had to be the best glassware producers in the world, and that in short means: Riedel.


We are showing off a range of fantastic wines from around the world and finding them can sometimes be a bit of mission. Wine-Searcher is a New Zealand company that started in 1999 and is now the global leader for optimised wine-searching. It is a hub of scores, price comparisons, and has an encyclopedia filled with information on grapes, regions, styles plus has fresh news from around the world of wine. A fitting partner for an event like this!
Learn to love their website, like we do, right here!

Additional Sponsors and Partners:

Planet Wine

Visit their website

Wine Cellar

Visit their website

Mas de Daumas Gassac

Visit their website


And a massive thank you to all of our great importers and friends that have made this event possible:

Richard - Artigiano Imports

Simon - Lubrication Wines

Paul - Manifesto Wines

Chris - Wine Circle

Marco - Sapori Wines

Tomas - Wine Trades

Rabie - Lebanese Wines

Andrew - Oh So Pretty Wines

Dan - Wine Diamonds

Misha - Procure Liquor

Jean-Christophe - Maison Vauron

Luke Owen Smith - The Chocolate Bar

Stefania and John - Pasta e Cuore

Cecilia Lee - Perspicacité Consultancy


Master Class Presenters:

Meg Abbott-Walker DWS - Sommelier

Jemma Grobbelaar - Jemma Grobbelaar Wine & Drinks

Cameron Douglas - NZ's only Master Sommelier

Jane Skilton - Master of Wine

Stephen Wong - Master of Wine

Samuel Guibert - Head winemaker and owner of Mas de Daumas Gassac

Steph Gruth - NZ's top Sommelier

Connal Finlay DWS - Director of The Cellar Store

Tamra Kelly-Washington - Head winemaker of Coco di Mama